02 Dec

National Economic Value Survey Nov 2023 Update

This is the first of what I intend to be a regular series of updates on the activities of the Australian Motor Heritage Foundation. You can read all about the Australian Motor Heritage Foundation on our website www.motorheritage.org.au but most recently you will have been contacted by us, through your club, about our National Economic Value Survey.

The survey response has been huge. 

Many of you took the time to complete our survey and we greatly appreciate the effort that you have made. I am very pleased to report that 6,300 usable responses were received at the time our survey closed on 30 September 2023. This is an extraordinary result from the 1,000 or so clubs that we approached across Australia. To give you a sense of perspective on how truly huge this response has been, consider that we needed only 1,000 responses to make our survey sample statistically valid and significant. The fact that we received more than six times that number is an indication of how strongly ordinary club members, like you, felt about calculating the financial contribution that our movement makes to the Australian economy every year. 

I am confident that when governments and other regulators around Australia see the size of our contribution in terms of skills, jobs and investment, our movement will never be seen as irrelevant and we will never be ignored! 

How and when will I receive a copy of the completed survey report? 

We originally hoped to finish our report by the end of calendar year 2023 but the size of the response has necessitated far more manual processing by our consultants Mercurius before they can finally analyse the data. Therefore, we have had to push our target publication date out until the end of February 2024. I am sure you will agree that this is a problem that we are very happy to have. 

I can also confirm that the state-by-state distribution of the survey responses roughly follows the state-by-state distribution of the Australian population as a whole, so we can claim that our survey is truly representative. 

Many survey respondents have asked us how we will get copies of the completed report to them because we did not retain any data, any means of identification or any email addresses for those club members who completed the survey. The answer is that a copy of the completed survey will be sent by email to your club contact for distribution to you in exactly the same way as you have received this message from me. 

What happens next? 

Mercurius is now engaged in collating and analyzing all the data that we have received. They will then compile this into a report, quite independently of the AMHF, before giving us the final product. This gives the AMHF team time to plan the launch of the report and all the media planning that this event will require. 

In the meantime, you may wish to take a look at our website www.motorheritage.org.au. You will find exclusive stories written by a variety of authors, especially including Peter Robinson, the longest-serving editor of Wheels magazine and European correspondent for both Road & Track and Autocar

You will also find exclusive “fireside chats” with great drivers like Colin Bond and other major contributors to Australia’s motor heritage, or grab a beautifully illustrated, motoring calendar for 2024 from our online shop

If you want to test your knowledge of Australia’s motor heritage you can follow our weekly quiz on our Facebook page. 

I look forward to being in touch with you again in the new year. Please enjoy the holiday season by driving safely and thank you again for all your support. 

Kind regards, 

Hugh King 

Chair, AMHF

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